Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Schwarber Ball Found

Apparently the Schwarber home run ball did fall back to earth. It actually fell on top of the new right field scoreboard. They Cubs are actually leave it there and put a glass case to protect it for now. It was possibly the shot heard around the world last night!

The NLCS series starts on Saturday. The winner of the Mets-Dodgers game tomorrow will be the opponent. I can't wait.

I saw the 100 greatest guitar list in Rolling Stone this week. Jimi Hendrix was number 1. Eric Clapton was number 4. Jimmy Page and Keith Richards were 9th and 10th respectively which I thought was a bit low. More surprising was that Pete Townshend was only number 50. I don't play guitar or any instrument myself so I just go by the songs I like. It was nice to see a lot of real old timers on the list though.

Years ago the circus parade with clowns and wagons would come to Milwaukee every year and they would televise it on local television. It stopped for lack of funds. Apparently taking it's place will be the 4th GOP debate which will be live from Milwaukee on November 10th!


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