Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We're Back

We arrived back to Milwaukee last night around 11pm and lost a good 30 degrees in the process. Thanks again to John and Angela for being such wonderful hosts and to Danny and Justin for letting us hog their bathroom.

We're still wading out pictures from the trip and I'll post  them tomorrow. We did plant our cactus in the box though and it looks pretty good.

The trip in a recap started on Thursday and we hung out at their pool then headed over to the Twisted Lizard. Friday was into Scottsdale and Mesa. The spring training facility for the Cubs was closed but I still had a look around and took some photos. Then we went to the Bob Crane murder scene from 1978. It looks exactly the same. He was the star of Hogan's Heroes and I took some photos at the front door. Friday night we ate at Isabella's on a golf course.

Saturday was a pool day and some grilling then onto the Blue Martini. Apparently Teva sandals aren't on the dress code so I had to Uber back and grab some huaraches then meet everybody back at the Blue Martini. I was told those shoes weren't good neither but I talked my way in like a good schmoozer.

Sunday was an absolute blast at Cave Creek. It's in the middle of the desert and we watched the NFL games there. We started out at the Bears bar which is apparently clothing optional for the bartenders then to the Buffalo Chip which is the Packers bar. Both places were great and they also have a Steelers and a Vikings bar. We'll be back to that town someday. It was next to a town called Carefree that Dick Van Dyke used to be the Mayor for.

Monday was cut short by the flight but we did make it for lunch and beers at the Rusty Spur Saloon since 1951. We met a terrific old timer named Wayne T. and it was a pure delight to meet him and chat for a couple hours. We'll be back to that place for sure!

Cubs play tomorrow night and it's win or go home. I predict a 4-1 Cubs win. It's our time!


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