Friday, October 9, 2015

Bring It On Cardinals

Hopefully the Cards won't resort to their lame beanball tactics once we pound their ass again in this series. I'm not a Cardinal fan in case anyone guessed. I have plenty of Cardinal fan friends though who I like a lot. 

We've got a full day tomorrow. Coco has soccer practice in the morning, we have the state cross country meet in the afternoon then going to Gary and Michelle's for the Cubs game.

I see where Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis burned down last month. I actually liked that show and I hear they will be rebuilding.

I saw a crazy video the other day. A guy in Detroit was getting gas and saw a spider on his gas cap. So, he took his lighter and burned the spider sending his car in flames at the same time. Nobody was hurt though, except the spider!

Dick Cheney endorsed McCarthy for Speaker of the House just hours before he dropped out of the race. They don't call Cheney the Kiss of Death for no reason.

Gotta run now. Game time is rapidly approaching. Go Lester!


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