Thursday, June 4, 2015

Love and Mercy

Today's title is also the title of the new movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boy's. He's 73 now and still playing his songs. John Cusack stars in the title roll which I hope to see soon.

Congrats to the Hawks last night for coming from behind and winning the game in the third period. Tampa Bay started playing not to lose which is always deadly.

Jon Batiste is the new bandleader for Stephen Colbert's show as he takes over for David Letterman.

Rick Perry announced today that he is running for President now. He ditched the cowboy boots and added some fancy glasses. Ya, that's the ticket for sure!

I went to Coco's award ceremony today. Not quite as good as the previous three quarters. I received a gift card and thank you note for helping out with cross country and track.

Coco and Jordan woke up on their own this morning for school. Tomorrow is the last day and grades have already been completed. It must have been a late night after I conked out. They both looked like a couple of drunken sailors!


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