Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rockin In The Free World

Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President today and Neil Young wasn't too happy that he took the stage to one of his great songs in the background. Trump didn't care though and that's why the Republican nomination will be so entertaining.

Trump actually said a lot of good things as I watched his 50 minute speech. Certainly not short of confidence and he doesn't think very much of Bush and Rubio. It should be very entertaining.

A big get well to Bob Uecker as the Brewers announcer took an errant baseball to the head. He suffered a concussion but the legendary character finished his broadcast of the entire game!

Kudos to Kris Versteeg of the Blackhawks for taking one of the greatest pictures ever in sports while celebrating the Hawks winning of the Stanley Cup. His wife brought their 2 week old son to his first game ever. He was actually wearing some big ear phones to block out the noise and was sound asleep. Versteeg gently placed in inside the Stanley Cup and took a photo of the little guy. One of the coolest things I've ever seen!

Such a good feeling still reeling for all us Hawks fans. Three Stanley Cups in such a short period of time and the core of this team could certainly win some more. Congrats. Lord Stanley would be proud!


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