Monday, June 22, 2015

The Buzz Is On

Technically, Summerfest also known as the Big Gig starts Wednesday. But the Rolling Stones kick it off tomorrow night at the festival grounds. I drove a neighbor down there today. He's a video photographer and he needed to check his equipment with the big storm that came through town this morning.

It's like a hidden city down there. It's right on Lake Michigan and the service roads that wind around down there were full of trucks and people directing traffic. Electricians were doing some last minute wiring. The excitement can be felt in the air!

The news coverage of the two escaped prisoners is getting to be just like the missing Malaysia Airliner. Every time there's a credible sighting they find nothing and jump to a different area of New York state.

Coco and I played a couple of games of Stratego this afternoon. He's only beaten me once in about 40 tries. Today he beat me twice. He rolled over me quickly in the first game. My own fault as I tried something new in my setup and it backfired on me in five minutes. But the second game, was a long hard fight and he beat me again. Time to call him grasshopper I guess and throw him out in the snow with just a loincloth!

Jimmy Buffett is playing New Year's Eve in New York City for the first time ever. I'm not even thinking about it. We still have exactly 2 full months before seeing Jimmy in Alpine Valley. The thought of winter shall not pop into my mind before then!


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