Friday, June 19, 2015

Lakefront Festival of the Arts

Another weekend, another great festival in Brew City. The Milwaukee Art Museum grounds are the host for the Lakefront Festival of the Arts. They have great artwork for sale and great music. Bring a sweatshirt, it's right on Lake Michigan.

A New York Yankee got his 3000th hit today. I won't name the arrogant bastard. He has the biggest ego that I've ever seen in sports to the point he isn't even nice to people. Secondly, he's a PED's robot, who knows if the guy could even play the game. If he ever gets into the Hall of Fame, I will never watch baseball again. He's an idiot just like Barry Bonds in my humble opinion. I still think his father, Bobby Bonds was a better ballplayer!

We finally have our Jeep Patriot. It rides great with a lot of bells and whistles. I'll post some photos tomorrow. The biggest plus, I turn the key and you don't have to hold your breath!

We need some chow and a happy hour. Not sure where. Sometimes it's better to just walk down the street and let it find you!


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