Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Slow Fest So Far

It didn't rain last night but the temps dropped a bit and the threat was enough to keep attendance down slightly. Krissy, Coco and I made it though and the fireworks and food were great!

Temps look mild again today and slight sprinkles. We're not going tonight but I expect this weekend starting Friday will be nuts.

The NBA draft is tomorrow. The Bulls draft 22nd so not much hope for an immediate impact player.

The solar plane that is making a trip around the world has been stuck in Japan for three weeks. If they don't leave in the next week or so they will have to delay the trip for a year. Apparently there wouldn't be enough sun going over the Pacific Ocean this time of year to keep it a loft.

Security and beer line service has been very poor so far at my two nights at the Summerfest grounds. Hopefully they will iron out the kinks soon. They haul truckloads of beer every morning into the festival grounds and it's a site to see.

Lake Mead is at an all time low for it's water level. If they don't get some rain soon, Nevada and Arizona will have to go on water restrictions. Maybe we are making too much beer! Nawwwwww.


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