Friday, June 12, 2015

Put A Fork In It

A tough day for sure. Krissy went up to Sheboygan with family for the day and to test drive a few cars. Unfortunately, I was broke down this afternoon in Brookfield as the car has issues again. We're taking it all in stride though.

A big thanks to Dom for coming to get me and driving me home. It certainly was a sense of relief to see a friendly face.

I did see an interesting site downtown today. A 50 something man with a huge cigar and a helluva nice looking suit. He was riding a really nice Harley and seemed oblivious to the rain clouds putting a damper on his ride or his cigar. It certainly put a smile on my face.

While I was waiting for a ride there happened to be a mall across the street. It didn't have a restaurant with a bar that I could see which was probably a good thing. They did have a bookstore though. FINDERS KEEPER, the new Stephen King book that I've wanted real bad was on sale so I snagged a copy. I couldn't let the day be a total loss. It's not like I was wearing a nice suit with a great cigar taking my Harley for a ride. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have nearby.

Stay safe tonight!


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