Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Crazy Gardener

A busy Saturday with decent weather. Grocery shopping followed by some shoe shopping. New sandals for me for Summerfest and a pair of shoes for my Dad for Father's Day.

Coco played basketball three times today. I hung for the first one. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow as I did a few alley oops. He's really improved his game a lot.

We went out for a while with Julie and Jason as they Ubered it over. Appetizers at Jack's Pub, Malone's for a bit followed by pinball at Thurman's which is a classic rock bar with a Grateful Dead theme.

They new Jeep is driving well. Krissy and I grilled out a nice pork loin and made some minor lawn improvements. I actually planted a pineapple. We shall see!

An early Happy Father's Day!


The Pineapple Plant

Back Breaking Labor

Nice Shot

Nice Move

Midas Touch

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