Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One Lucky Stones Fan

What a night last night! I won't do a whole review of the Milwaukee show other than to say it was the best show out of the five times that I've seen them.

I was having a hard time getting scalpers to be reasonable last night so I never jumped at the first offer. Or the next twenty. But an old work friend called out my name when she saw me. She had an extra ticket. $427 bucks face value but she gave it to me for $140. It was 20th row! The lady next to me paid $3000 for her ticket. Holy crap is right!!!!

The stage jutted out in the middle and we were 25 feet away from Mick and Keith. Tremendous.

Mick played some guitar and the guy seems to have a more extreme passion for the music than even before. My best guess is the near billionaire who is a smart investor is besieged my personal tragedy from last year and the music is what gets him through it.

Jagger even joked that they might never quit and even run the sausage race next year. Keith said it was good to be here and good to be anywhere making a mock joke about his age. Thanks guys for bringing the Zip Code tour to Milwaukee. My purchase of a shirt and hat was gesture of my appreciation!


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