Saturday, June 13, 2015

Early Morning Tow

It was a rainy and foggy morning as I met the tow truck driver to get the Ford towed. Not your typical tow truck driver. A smaller 25ish girl all inked up did the job. A nice sweet girl who felt bad about the car problems. She crawled around in an orange jumpsuit underneath the vehicle and away she went.

Action in Jackson today. Looks like it's going to dry up and get to the upper 60's. Maybe those two days of summer were all we are going to get!

Coco is taking a Palermo Pizza tour this morning. I'm not crazy about the way they treat their employees and I refuse to buy their products.

The Hawks play again in game 5 tonight. Go Hawks!

Kudos and get well wishes to David Grohl of the Foo Fighters. I like the guy a lot because he's a historian of rock music and preservation of some fantastic studio equipment. He fell off the stage last night at a concert and broke his leg. He finished the show though!

The Harley-Davidson Museum has a new exhibit this year featuring the designs of Willie G. Davidson. He didn't just cash in on the family success but was an active participate in the designs. He still lives in the area and rides. Harley will be having a large Milwaukee Rally this Labor Day. Maybe it will warm up by then!


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