Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Krissy's Birthday

Happy Birthday to the best girl ever! Lunch at Barnacle Bud's already with Jen and Krissy. Other friends coming over soon then heading down to Summerfest.

It's a sunny but chilly 71 degrees today. The wind is making it slightly cold. Consistent 80's just haven't been here yet this summer.

Jimmy Butler was offered a maximum contract by the Chicago Bulls. He turned down an okay contract by NBA standards and bet on himself. Nice job Jimmy!

A little basketball with Coco this morning. He's improving a lot and developing some good ball handling skills. Now if we could only add another foot to him.

My book progress is slow and steady. I've been grumbling about it a lot lately. Artificial deadlines don't work. One can't alter time available. I didn't realize how hard the final revision would be. I'll just keep working on it a little every day until I'm happy with it.

Governor Christie announced that he's running for President today. He had a small window in 2012 and should have taken advantage of it then and struck while the iron was hot. Now, nothing but scandal and state bond downgrades 9 times in New Jersey. Talking like a tough gangster isn't much of an accomplishment unless you can back it up.

On to Summerfest!


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