Wednesday, July 1, 2015

North Carolina

Another week and another shark attack in North Carolina. Just a thought, but maybe it's time to stay out of the ocean for a while. It's not good to fear things usually but then again, it's nice to go through life with two arms and two legs!

Jimmy Butler signed a maximum contract to return to the Bulls. They also re-signed Mike Dunleavy. They basically will return the same team as last year so let's hope the new coach can take them to the next level.

Another chilly day in Milwaukee. Last night was another jeans day at Summerfest. We ended up stopping at County Clare on the way home for Irish coffee drinks. They definitely hit the spot!

We picked up more mulch today and bamboo fencing at Home Depot. It seems to be our most popular store this year.

Key West is issuing tickets to the Uber drivers there for not obtaining a vehicle for hire license. There's only one problem. There hasn't been one available since 1992. Taxi companies are sadly still holding on to monopolies hurting consumers in some places.

Karl Rove was on the radio blasting President Obama for opening the embassy again in Cuba. It seems only fitting that a person who has been wrong on just about everything would cling onto a failed 50 plus year old policy like the one we have with Cuba. I look forward to sending him a postcard from Havana in the very near future!



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