Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lemon Meringue Pie

We bought a lemon meringue pie yesterday. I found out no one else likes it. Oh well, it was one of the best I've ever had and it's all gone already. It was that good!

The downtown traffic is already a bit jammed up as they set up for Bastille Days already. It starts tomorrow. The food is terrific.

I heard a song on Margaritaville Radio by Delbert McClinton. I've hard of the name but that's about it. I loved the song and looked this guy up. He's still playing and has quite a resume. A trip to the record store is in order. Yes, we still have one by us.

The Bucks arena debate is going on in Milwaukee with a vote due soon. It's going to cost the taxpayers quite a bit. A joke of a proposal actually for some billionaires and politicians.

I showed Krissy an old newspaper clipping that I had stuffed in a box. It was a man who's wife died of cancer. He went home after her funeral and proceeded to spend weeks building a guillotine. After it was completed he actually used it to kill himself and it neatly cut off his head. Krissy thought it was sweet. I'm trying to be more kind to others like the Grateful Dead suggested. I'm so glad they never mentioned anything about being sweet as I'm not building a guillotine anytime soon!


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