Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Milwaukee Mountain Lion

There was a mountain lion spotted just a block away from Coco's school and less than a mile from our house. It was captured in video and he's a big sucker. Hopefully he moves on, out of the big city!

As a country we reopened our embassy with Cuba. Naturally a lot of criticism and chants of keeping the embargo going for another 50 years since it's been a total failure. Just plain silly and I'll leave it at that since I'm still being kind.

The Cubs play a doubleheader tonight. A sweep would make my night.

Hemingway Days are starting in Key West. They look-a-like contest is a big deal down there. Some people have entered for over 20 years and never won. They all resemble Papa in some fashion or another.

We snagged a couple tickets to Lady Antebellum tonight. I'm not sure if I'm at liberty to reveal how so I'll just remain mysterious about it. We're leaving to walk down shortly. Trust me, I'll have my head on a swivel looking for that mountain lion!


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