Thursday, July 23, 2015

Key West Marlin Tournament

The Key West Marlin Tournament starts today as part of the Hemingway Days Celebration. The first round of the 35th annual Hemingway look-a-like contest also starts today at Sloppy Joe's. It's one of my favorite bars in Key West if you can get a seat at the bar. Always a nice breeze during the daytime hours flowing thru the enormous bar. I've visited Sloppy Joe Russell's grave in the cemetery. It's always decorated with beads and a booze bottle. Oddly enough, I've tried to research him a bit and there isn't much about him on the internet.

The do nothing Congress is still going strong I see. The Senate passes a transportation bill and the House refuses to even bring it up. I guess their August vacation is just too important. The American people certainly deserve better than this.

Former Ambassador Bolton was on television once again today spouting off. I can't think of any figure who's been wrong on just about everything but still thinks he's an expert. Oh wait, I forgot about Cheney for a minute!

The baseball trade line is up at the end of the month. I'm predicting the Cubs get Yovani Gallardo for the stretch run from Texas.

The jets are back and practicing for the airshow this weekend. This makes for a very, very loud lunch today in Milwaukee. I love it!


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