Thursday, July 9, 2015

Joe Mannix Lives

Another day in the low 60's although it appears to be creeping up. The extended forecast appears to show warmer days ahead. It's only July you know!

Tom Selleck is being accused of stealing water from a nearby town for his avocado farm. Local officials used a real private investigator to gather the evidence. I'm not shocked that anybody would steal water in a sever drought. I was shocked that Magnum P.I. is 70!

Jennifer Horne gave a compassionate speech in South Carolina to get rid of the Confederate flag. Many people wrote her off as an ill-advised politician. It should be pointed out that she is a direct descendant of Jefferson Davis who was the President of the Confederacy.

Coco and I watched an episode of Mannix today. It was a detective series that lasted for 8 seasons starting in 1967. It was a bit ahead of it's time and in my opinion was slightly modeled after James Bond. The star of the series, Mike Connor looked quite a bit like Sean Connery and the plots were very good. He was discovered while playing basketball at UCLA for famed basketball guru John Wooden. Ironically, Connors is alive and well today living in Encine, CA. He will turn 90 next month. That's what happens when you don't steal water!


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