Friday, July 10, 2015

Kenny 'Snake' Stabler

One of my favorite football players passed away. Kenny Stabler played at Alabama and professionally for the Raiders for his glory years. He didn't have a huge arm or great stats, he just knew how to win. In the 70's he was the fastest quarterback to 100 wins. It's what matters most and the Snake was as good as anybody winning. Truly a legend!

Legendary actor Omar Sharif also passed away at the age of 83. He starred in Dr. Shivago and Lawrence of Arabia. Those two alone on a resume is quite impressive. He will be missed.

I was going thru a box of clothes the other day and found some of my classic coats. Coco saw my letterman's jacket and asked if he could wear it some day. I'm touched and honored.

It's fish fry and a flick now at Discovery World. You actually sit outside and watch the movie next to Lake Michigan with a fish fry. Tonight Beetle Juice is playing.

Bastille Days is going on. Van Buren street is the major road that takes you to it. Some genius decided it would be a good idea to repave the road today and were still at it at 6pm causing a major traffic cluster. Normally, I would call whoever made that decision a fricking idiot but I won't. I'm still being kind via the Grateful Dead aura!


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