Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Zimbabwe's Lion Killer

We can't seem to find the Milwaukee Mountain Lion but a Minnesota dentist sure found some trouble in Zimbabwe's. He was behind the killing of their famous black maned 13 year old lion. It appears this dentist used some bait to get it off the preservation and shot it. It's illegal to shoot a radio collared lion in Zimbabwe's. This dentist was also charged with poaching a bear in Wisconsin. Apparently hunting rules don't apply to this idiot.

I never understand the baiting type of hunting. It's not really hunting. Whatever happened to tracking skills. Fat lazy American hunters just like to sit in a stand, drink some beer and wait for an animal to appear beneath them. Might as well sit on a highway overpass and shoot at cars. They eventually appear also!

Starting to get ready for the camping trip. As I look at what is going on the trip I'm not sure that I understand American camping either.
I'm bringing my bush knife, a good book, a cooler of beer and a light sleeping bag. Now that's roughing it!


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