Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bullies and Booze at Bastille Days

Overall, I could probably could have done without the last 17 hours. Jenny and Joe dropped by so we all went to Bastille Days together. It was a pretty large crowd and started off good. I noticed some Jimmy Swaggart wannabe standing on a corner condemning everyone there for drinking and pointing fingers at everyone as sinners. He was with a small bunch of guys who were obviously his loyal supporters. I probably should have kept my mouth shut.

Anyway, after a couple hours of that crap I let him know my opinion of himself. I labeled him a 'phony' which seemed to set him off so I just laughed and told him that he looked like 'a late night television preacher with bad hair and dimples.' The Jimmy Buffett line went straight over his head but I'm sure JB would have loved it. The guy didn't seem to understand that he was truly just a punk bully. Carrying a bible didn't lessen his offense and he certainly gives religion a bad name. He actually reminded me of that Westboro group who hassles people at soldier's funerals.

Krissy and I went back today for lunch and ate at Saz's. I'm taking a bite of a sandwich when some man leans very close to my face and said 'aloha.' I said hello back and continued eating. My shirt did say aloha on the back of it but I still thought it weird that someone would invade my space like that. Then he asked me if I knew what aloha means and I replied that I did and kept eating. Then he walked away yelling at me to get my hair cut. A few minutes later we saw him eating food out of the garbage. Strange days indeed.

Walking back we found a man passed out on a hood of a car. At first I didn't think he was breathing and we never could wake him. Not knowing if he had a gripper or too much booze we called 911. The cars owner came out why we were standing nearby to use his car. The look on his face was priceless. Another car drove by and the driver videotaped the poor guy as he drove by. Paramedics arrived and it turned out to be too much booze. And no, unfortunately it wasn't the bully!


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