Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kudos To Jimmy Kimmel

I don't watch a lot of Jimmy Kimmel. I have a friend who is related to him but I don't really have much of an opinion on him. But I saw him go off on the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion and he had it exactly right.

Happy Birthday to Julie. Such a nice little party tonight in Tosa and it was a lot of fun!

A pretty quiet day today. The highlight was getting the oil changed in Cedarburg. It took longer to find the Jeep dealership than to get the oil changed.

A domestic terrorist was arrested in Key West after buying a fake bomb from the feds with intent to blow it up on a Key West beach. Even paradise has some crazies I guess.

It looks like they have finally found a piece of the missing Malaysia airliner that disappeared last March. It looks like just one piece though and it's possible the rest will never be found.

The MLB trading deadline has around 48 hours left. The Cubs have yet to make a move. We'll be at the game tomorrow in Milwaukee then leave for camping Friday morning. Summer is flying by fast!


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