Saturday, July 11, 2015

Key Lime Mango Salsa

The above referenced item was our big purchase at the West Allis farmers market. The guy who makes it has a store near Alpine Valley where we will be camping for the Buffett concert next month. If it's any good we will have to make an appearance.

We're having happy hour beers at home getting ready to head down to Bastille Days. It's only 66 degrees here today. Same old tired story. A summer just like last years.

Shisk-kabob-alloza is one week for today. That means a weather watch several times a day as we check the extended forecast hoping that maybe some decent weather comes along.

Roger Westlund passed away in Key West. He is famed for donating an expensive urinal to the Tropics Cinema. Every time someone uses it they can read the amusing plaque on the wall that came with it. Key West, quirky at it's absolute finest!

Hopefully the rain holds off tonight. If it doesn't oh well. It's in a good bar district and trust me. We know the best places to seek shelter!


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