Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ray Donovan Premiere

One could consider this a lazy Sunday only if one had some sleep the night before. I'm tired. I've been tired all day but that's okay.

Woke up early to clean up the carnage from Saturday. The recycling bin is completely full. No surprise there!

Gary and Michelle came over and we went to Fiesta Italiano. Gary's motorcycle was in our backyard. We don't have a driveway. It's a really old house so we took it up the horse alley at the neighbor's house and drove through a yard and parked it in the backyard. It was loud. The neighbors are cool and they don't care. They mowed their lawn at midnight on Friday night. Yes, the Brady Street neighborhood runs on a slightly different clock than the rest of the world which is  why we love it!

Fiesta was good. We didn't stay long but we ate well. Met Marilyn and Marissa at County Clare on the way home. First time we ever met but a couple of very interesting people. They split their time between St. Paul and Milwaukee.

Ordered a pizza and watched the season premiere of Ray Donovan. Such a good show with great writing and a great cast. I'm going to bed now. Have a great week everyone!


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