Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beer Painting

I really hate painting. The flat parts are fine but the trim is tedious. I was only painting a porch railing but I thought it best to bring out a few beers. It looks really good. I'm not sure if it's because of the beer or it's just the beer making it look better. I'll let our company Saturday make the final determination!

I received an invitation to meet Senator Ron Johnson at St. Marcus on Monday for a bipartisan meeting regarding education. Hopefully, I'll get an opportunity to express my disgust with the laziest Congress in the history of our country.

Speaking of politics, Donald Trump is leading the GOP nominees in the Suffolk University poll by 3 points. I'm still trying to be kind but I anxiously await the August 6th debate.

Krissy and I made some great yard bird today. Jenny stopped over and brought another grill for Saturday. I'll have 3 going at once. There's going to be a ton of food. Any readers in the neighborhood Saturday please hit me up and stop by!

I've been so busy that I'm behind on photos for the blog. I'll catch up soon I promise!


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