Monday, July 27, 2015

Huckabee Gets More Bitter

Krissy put up her new tent today and sprayed the seems with some kind of sealer. It's a tent that goes up in about a minute and it works great. Should have had that a couple years ago when it was pouring as we put up the tent.

A slow day. Coco is over and we made some grilled chops outside. Now it's time for him to make a packing list. Something besides swim suits and video games.

It's a slow Monday after a really busy weekend in Milwaukee with so many things to do. Almost too much really. Brady Street Days, German Fest, Air Show, a beer party downtown, a 4 block slide, Gallery Night, and major shows at the Riverside and the Rave. I'm probably missing a couple but it was nice for everybody to have so many options.

Shame on Governor Huckabee for using the Holocaust to use for political gain. The oven comment was way out of line. I know he feels he needs to be outrageous to compete with Trump but that's no reason to throw away decency and class. You should know better Governor and that's why you will lose. You've become a tired, bitter old man feeling like time has passed you by. It did and now you're beyond the point of no return. Shame on you!


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