Tuesday, July 7, 2015

San Fermin Festival Time

Yep, the San Fermin Festival started in Pamplona, Spain today. It hosts the Running of the Bulls. Another year goes by without me there but someday that will change. Three people were gored today in the mornings first run. One severely in the chest. Since 1924, fifteen people have died in this run, most of them Americans. A sports channel carries excellent of all the races. We watched them last year. I should have written it down but I will find it!

The  Cubs beat the Cards today to go 8 games above the five hundred mark. If the season stopped today the Cubs would be in the playoffs. I'm hoping the trend continues.

RAS Movement, our favorite Reggae band is playing tonight at a local park. Coco is going to make an appearance with us.

Coco has been to running camp this week and doing fine. Basketball camp starts next week in the afternoons.

Chorizo sausage and Ballpark Franks for dinner tonight. I usually don't grill sausage or dogs very often. Never do I do hamburgers. Tonight is the exception. Heck, I'm going to sit back with a Red Stripe and let Coco do the grilling!


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