Friday, July 24, 2015

Milwaukee Air Show

Krissy and I ate lunch at Bradford Beach and watched the air show rehearsal. We basically saw the whole thing and we will see parts of it this weekend since it happens just over our heads. Last year it was fogged out both days and no planes flew.

I keep getting a last chance email everyday to order a business magazine at a discount price. It's always my last chance to get it but for some reason I receive it everyday for over a year now.

Another movie theater shooting last night in Louisiana. We're so close to having metal detectors everywhere and shopping and recreation will be such a hassle in the future.

Brady Street Festival is tomorrow. Our roads will be blocked off for the day. It's okay though, it's a lot of fun!

Hemingway Days continue in Key West. It feels like Key West weather lately in Milwaukee.

I actually feel a little crispy from the sun today. I better aloe up, we've got a big day tomorrow!


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