Friday, June 26, 2015

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

It's a chilly night and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band is playing at 10pm at Summerfest. We're going to brave the cold and head to the lake. They are a New Orleans style jazz band started in 1977.

Last night's attendance looked down a bit. Rain in the afternoon probably scared a few people off. I'm sure this weekend it will be a zoo like we've  been accustomed to.

Justice Roberts is getting roasted for his Obamacare decision yesterday. Conveniently forgotten in the bashing was all the praise they had for him when President Bush appointed him. 

I saw a video of a man on the news being chased by some cops. They were on the ground and he was running on roofs and jumping from roof to roof. Some of these were 20 feet apart and he was barely making the jumps and one time fell and pulled himself up using the gutter. Adrenalin is a funny thing!

The NBA draft is over without too much fanfare. The NHL draft is tonight. More millionaires by the minute!


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