Saturday, June 6, 2015

Triple Crown Time

Like I've been telling people all day. American Pharoah would win and win easily which he did. He took it from the lead really and controlled the pace and gave it everything he had in the stretch. It was the second fastest Belmont Stakes behind only Secretariat. That record will never be broken as Secretariat ran the first half of that race faster than most horses can run it and he still had half a race to go. He won by around 30 lengths if memory serves me right.

The Cubs won a big game to stay in the wildcard hunt. They just need a decent winning streak to make believers out of the rest of the country.

Krissy and Angela still having fun in Arizona. I will wait until Monday to post her pics. They are numerous!

The Hawks are down 1-0 after the first period. Traditionally, the second game goes into overtime. Going to make some dinner real quick. Looks like I've got a nail biter on my hands!


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