Friday, June 5, 2015

Wake Me Up When Summer Comes

As I took Krissy and Angela to the airport this morning it looked more like London. Foggy with light rain in the 50's. Krissy was worried about the Arizona weather as it hit 101 degrees this week and she didn't know what to pack, Naturally, it was raining in the desert also!

Coco is officially done with 5th grade. In a few months we will be taking pictures on his first day of 6th grade. I'm glad for his sake that he's done. He really worked hard at the books but he was toast the last 2 weeks. Now I have to look for some sports camps for him. He's improved a lot at basketball since the season ended a few months ago.

I need to check out when Love and Mercy comes out to a theater new me. Hopefully the Oriental will be playing it as I hear John Wilson wants to go and Angela has no interest. I'm in my friend! Hopefully the hip is doing better Amigo.

The Hawks play tomorrow and the Cubs are playing well and staying in the wild card hunt.

Nothing else much new. I'm doing some research on a shipwreck just of the Shorewood, Wisconsin coast. Why? Who knows, I'm like the Dos Esquis man!


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