Sunday, September 18, 2016

From Georges Tavern To Just Arts Saloon

It was a weekend worth having and a really fun Saturday. Krissy and I started off at Georges Tavern which is an old school industrial tavern that was close to closing it's doors until it was revived by the Pedal Tavern. Our friend Gary joined us and then we headed over to Just Arts Saloon.

Just Arts Saloon is one of my favorite bars in all of Milwaukee on Second Street. Check out a wonderful musician we discovered playing at Arts in Annalise Curtin. Her website is  We bought her CD and it was nice chatting with her!


Gary and I at Georges, an old school Milwaukee bar. 
George singing Johnny Cash for the Pedal Tavern riders

Annalise Curtin after she finished performing at Just Arts Saloon. 

Gary riding one of his own Garyland Choppers

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