Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Buddha Lounge

Krissy and I finally used our Groupon at the Buddha Lounge. What great food and it's really cool on the inside. The service was excellent also. We shall return!

It's 90 plus degrees and humid after the sun went down. That's very unusual for Milwaukee. A lot of years fall starts immediately after Labor Day.

I had to buy Coco heel inserts for his soccer shoes. I watched him practice for a bit. He warms up like they taught him at the Marquette University Camp. Good to see he was paying attention and the money was well spent. 

Trump wants the Generals to present him with a plan to defeat terrorism within 30 days. Geez, this guy just doesn't understand how anything works and shows a total disregard for the militaries intelligence. They actually do some thinking out there Donny but I know you went to a military grade school so you think you know everything.

The only thing not hot today was our coonhound Mango. Didn't seem to mind the heat at all. Well, she is from the south I guess!


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