Friday, September 16, 2016

Cubs Clinch

The Cubs officially clinched the division title last night with a Cardinal loss. They also beat the Brewers in extra innings today! Going to be a great playoff run in a couple weeks.

The Mustangs won their soccer game for St. Marcus tonight by a 3-2 score. It was a thriller and the coach inadvertently almost blew it by leaving the third string defense in a bit too long when they were up 2-0. A penalty shot won it with about a minute left and the shot hit the upper crossbar and bounced down just over the line. Coco had a difficult shot that just missed.

I saw a very large funeral procession today. The hearse was an old fashioned glass horse drawn carriage that you could see the casket as it went down the street. It was quite an elegant sight.

Ole Donny Trump finally admitted that President Obama was born in the United States. Yes, next time tell us something that we didn't know genius.

Trump isn't the only whack job in this election. Jill Stein from the Green Party wants Congress to set interest rates. Really, these guys haven't done anything in 6 years and they can't be impartial and avoid special interests. Plus she couldn't explain the purpose of that. Plus she was arrested recently for painting graffiti on public property. This is a job for an adult you know!

Mark Cuban turned the table on ole Donny and offered him 10 million bucks either through charity or directly to Trump for a 4 hour interview. One on one over his policy proposals. No response from Donny yet and you will never get one. The guy has no real guts! None............................................................. SAD really.


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