Thursday, September 1, 2016

South Carolina Clowns

There's been numerous clown sightings in Greenville, SC. They all happen in the middle of the night and people keep calling the police but so far they've found nothing. I'm not sure it's illegal to dress up as a clown in South Carolina but you never know. I've been to South Carolina once before. In Greenville and a place called Pickens. It was August and just walking down the street in a suit was a torturous experience! I did love Pickens though. A true Southern small town like the one in Doc Hollywood. It was up in the mountains and it was a dry county. The lemonade sure was good though!

I was reading today that it's the 77th anniversary of Germany invading Poland. Poland actually had a 1 million man army which was enormous in those days. Unfortunately, they were all basically cavalry units and no match for German tanks and planes.

The Buffett concert is Saturday. The buildup begins. Company coming that day so it's back to cleaning for me!


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