Thursday, September 29, 2016

Coach Knight's Nightmare

Fool us once Gary Johnson but not twice. Johnson totally disqualified himself for the Presidency yesterday by not being able to mention a single foreign leader. My 12 year old son knows a handful. That Spicolli bit has become well worn Gary and lack of intelligence isn't funny.

Coco has another soccer game today. Fall is here so he shouldn't get over-heated.

Tropical storm Matthew is brewing up into a possible hurricane. So far it's unknown how big it can get or where exactly it will heading.

The GOP leaders are now having reservations about overriding the President's veto believing that the bill was written with some holes and perhaps the President was correct. Speaker Ryan says it may have to be fixed. Yes, the day after you do something is always a good time to fix it. I've lost total confidence in Ryan who will just do anything to make a President look bad.

I don't understand Bobby Knight neither. Coach Knight was a master at preparation and discipline. Yet he travels all around the country propping up a stiff who neither prepares for anything or has any discipline. Shame on you coach. I used to respect you and what you stood for. I'll never mention your philosophy ever again when talking sports with my son because it's obvious that you never bought into your own words!


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