Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Milwaukee Monsoon

What a wet day! It started raining hard at 8am then stopped and started all day. When it did rain it came down really hard. The cement in our backyard was full of water and eventually little waves.

Coco had soccer practice  though. It poured the entire time and he said it was the greatest practice ever. Besides the fact that he scored a tricky goal he said it was just plain fun. They have a half mile run back to school from the practice field. He said for some reason he was trying to avoid puddles when it dawned on him that he couldn't possible get any wetter.

I've been drying and washing his practice gear all night long. Then Mango our coonhound was hyper all night so I took her for a long walk in the rain. She's a bit calmer now that I spent ten minutes hand toweling her dry. Such an exciting life I lead on weekdays!

A little sunshine tomorrow would be nice.


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