Friday, September 2, 2016

Taco Trucks

Sometimes these Trump surrogate speakers are just too much. Besides twisting every fact around known to man they are just plain brain dead sometimes. One of them said that one of the main reasons to agree with Trump's immigration policies (which ever one that is for that day I guess) is that if we don't we'll have too many taco trucks. Yes, food vendors are awfully dangerous these days!

The Cubs won another game today behind a complete game from Jon Lester. They are 40 games over 500 already. Even hotter I believe than when they started out the season!

A tough opening 3-1 loss today for the St. Marcus Mustangs. The other team was good and we need to find one outstanding defensive player to shore up the back end. Coco had a team high 3 shots but none made it into the net. Only one slightly bad decision all game and he played 30 out of 40 minutes. Important experience in only his second outdoor season. Last year at this time he was on the B team with no hope of playing an A game. He decided he wanted to be a soccer player and he certainly is becoming one. I couldn't be prouder.

Jimmy Buffett tomorrow at Alpine Valley. We've shopped for it and now a good night's sleep and the party begins!


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