Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Night Football

The Bears just looked pathetic on Monday Night Football losing a lopsided game to a mediocre Eagles team although their rookie quarterback is the best rookie I've seen in years. At least I have the Cubs to hang onto for the fall.

The Cubs are certainly having fun. Second Baseman Ben Zobrist lives close to Wrigley Field and rode his bike to the game yesterday. In full uniform! Somebody taped it and it was a riot to see!

It reached 89 by the lake today in Milwaukee but now it's pouring out.

Several Alabama schools cancelled school today because of rumors that they would be attacked by clowns. Yep clowns. Whoever Alabama votes for President, I'm just going to vote the opposite and figure I made a good decision. That's the beauty of the internet. If you're feeling down about your team losing or something else in your life, there's always somebody out there that eases that sad feeling by their own stupidity. Heck, I might have to move there!


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