Friday, May 15, 2015

The Thrill Is Gone

Legendary blues man B.B. King passed away at the age of 89. The man played 250 shows a year for decades. He named his guitar Lucille because of a fight that broke out at one of his shows. It seems two men in the audience started fighting over a woman named Lucille. The building actually caught on fire and B.B King ran back into the burning building to save his guitar. When he heard that the two men died in the fire he named the guitar Lucille.

It's been a busy day. Still reeling over the Bulls loss last night but at least the Cubs won their fifth straight game today. The Hawks open their next playoff game Sunday afternoon.

The garage sale has been a huge success and a lot of fun so far. We unloaded a couple air conditioners that we didn't really want to carry back home with us. Krissy took some photos as usual.

Coco departed on his Discover America trip. They forgot his sleeping bag but the teacher finally remembered where it was. Nothing is easy these days. Stay safe!


Krissy & Holly hard at work....

Holly's art

Very large knife from El Salvador! 

 A Rusty Holly original, 'Pug  on a leash' 

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