Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Weather Swings

It's nice and sunny today looking a lot warmer than it is. We only hit the mid 40's and it was 39 degrees when I went running in full sweats this morning. A month from now we'll be consistent in the 80's so I'm just holding on.

The Blackhawks still don't know when they will be playing yet. That's the advantage of sweeping your second round opponent.

Things are looking a bit more bleak for the Bulls. They play tomorrow night in a must win situation or they are done. The NBA today handed out a technical foul on Matthew Dellavedora for his role in the Taj Gibson melee. A lot of good it does now. What's the sense of having instant replay when the refs can't get it right after watching the replay.

More items being found for the garage sale. Also, packing Coco for his Discovery America trip that starts friday. For some reason he needed more socks and underwear. Where do they go?

Anyone else tired of the presidential election yet? I'm not sure anybody is paying attention right now. Former Ambassador John Bolton will be announcing for President tomorrow. Yes, the guy that hasn't seen a country he doesn't want to bomb yet. The same guy who ducked Vietnam but has no problem talking tough and sending other people over to do his fighting for him. Rumor has it that he's never once looked in a mirror!


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