Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

It's been a long last two days. From 80 degrees yesterday to mid 40's today makes it tough to figure out how to dress.

The Cubs won last night 7-6 and we had great seats. No foul balls are way though and Kris Bryant failed to get his first big league home run on our watch. Naturally, he hit his first one at tonight's game which we weren't at!

Yesterday's job report was very solid and all the critics disappeared again which is what I predicted after last months dismal report. The sky is always falling for some people.

We took a load of stuff for the rummage sale out to Holly and Steve's. Hopefully we won't have to bring much back.

We watched Bug for a couple hours today. She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback. An impressive sweet dog. Now I'm scouring ads looking for one and I found one in my old home town of Yorkville, Illinois. They are originally from South Africa and were used to help hunt lions. Naturally, that's precisely what I need in Milwaukee!


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