Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Late Edition Monday Blog

Oh my, I fell asleep early last night and never woke up till morning which I usually never do. I must have been tired. It was such a warm and sunny day yesterday that I thought it only appropriate to visit the Bradford Beach Tiki Bar to see if it was open which it was. Since I closed it last October I thought it only appropriate to have one to celebrate the upcoming summer. That's probably why I fell asleep early!

Monday was a quiet day but I did see a cool video on Sunday at the Roman Coin Bar. This biker guy who knew a lot about animals tried 4 years to get this squirrel at his house to come thru a window and take a nit gently out of his mouth. He set up a camera and videotaped his efforts. Finally one day the squirrel trusted him enough and actually grabbed the nut from his mouth. Yes, he got it on tape and he showed it to us several times.

Today should be a busy day but I'll make sure I get to my computer later today. At least I feel rested for once!


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