Monday, May 4, 2015

20TH KeyWest Songwriter Festival

If you like music, May 6-10th is the time to be in Key West. Established writers and up and comers alike will be in town playing music in almost every saloon on the Island.

The Bulls beat the Cavaliers tonight in game 1 and looked solid doing it. It was on the road which is especially important.

I picked up our winnings for the Kentucky Derby today. I celebrated by making a $9 purchase which I shall reveal tomorrow with a photo and maybe a back story and a mystery!

Craig Counsell was named the new manager of the Milwaukee Brewers today. They fired Ron Roeneke last night. It's going to take more than a new manager to right that ship.

I was briefly watching Fox News today as they caused a massive amount of hysteria after one of their reporters claimed that he saw the police shoot another person. He sounded credible as he was a mere 20 feet away and even said the victim looked severely injured. Turns out the police didn't shoot anyone but the crowds quickly gathered and started throwing stuff at the police. I guess this is the result when you hire entertainers rather than real news reporters!


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