Friday, May 29, 2015

Rainy May Rainy Days

It just rains a bit every day it seems. Never really pouring though but it's a shame we can't send some of it to California and Nevada to help with the drought.

I still need to get some clothes out for the wedding tomorrow. It's not until late afternoon so I still have some time. 

The Hawks play their game 7 tomorrow night. Going to be a watch watch at a wedding reception. Thank you once again Steve Jobs for the IPhone!

Cuba has been dropped as being a State Sponsor of Terror. It's been a rather insignificant player on the world stage for years if not decades. McDonalds and other corporations will be licking their chops soon once the island opens up more.

Still one more main stage act for Summerfest is needed. Hopefully they announce it soon. I like to set the whole schedule out and plan our ventures. Always tough to do with so many acts at so many stages and mixing in  Naturally, it never works out exactly that way but I still do it every year!


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