Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jonny Quest Is Coming

It's true, legendary cartoon Jonny Quest is coming to the big screen for a feature film. No cast has been announced yet. As a cartoon it lasted only one season because the animation at that time was so expensive. It was truly ahead of its time.

I caught part of the Andy Griffith show before taking Coco to school this morning. It was the Howard Sprague episode where he gets fed up with his dull life and moves to a caribbean island. He ultimately gets bored there and returns to Mayberry. That never would have happened if he went to Key West!

Coco is in summer mode already. Very little homework at this point and very little desire to do it. Only 7 days left he informed me!

I drove by the Nomad today and I saw 5-7 people on bicycles. They were dressed up as Elvis. I was going to fast too take a picture unfortunately.

Big game for the Hawks tonight in game 6. It's win or be done. Face off in 8 minutes. Go Hawks!


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