Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kite Festival Time

It's a beautiful low 70's day packed with sunshine and people jamming the lakefront for the Kite Festival. I've heard it's the largest one of it's kind and people coming from everywhere to participate.

The Blackhawks play at 7pm tonight. I'm not sure where we will be but I'll at least catch part of it and follow it on my IPhone. It's a must win tonight or I see no chance of them winning the series.

I drove under a railroad bridge on Water Street that was on the news two days ago and closed for inspection right afterwards. Apparently it's rusting away and the train carries a large amount of heavy oil into the city over this bridge. Yep, I drove under it while it had the oil tankers scooting across. I actually thought of driving around it but instead held my breathe and drove quickly along with the other brave ones. I'm still here!

There was a scientist on the radio this morning who was quite confident Parkinson's would be cured within 10 years at the latest due to stem cell research and other diseases and afflictions had possibilities also. Remember this next time some idiot politician cuts funding or eliminates it totally under the guise of playing God!

Heading out to the Steny's block party shortly via walking and making a stop at the Tiki Hut. I smell a rum drink in my future!


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