Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dry Tortugas Anyone

For any of the outstanding artists out there you can win a month to stay at the Dry Tortugas and create to your heart's desire. It's very isolated because it's a small island 70 miles west of Key West. You do get to bring someone with you though if you get chosen. What an awesome experience that would be!

The Cubs won again today behind great pitching from Jon Lester.

Krissy and I went to a graduation party today then went shopping to exchange some outdoor cushions she bought last week. That turned into a 2 hour adventure and this was after we bought new sandals. I buy 1 new pair every year at the beginning of summer and rotate them in with my other ones. It's a seasonal ritual that I do every year.

Finally, I found the perfect solution to our back wall problem of the house. It's very plain looking with all the great stuff we've done to the house. Just blue siding. I've wanted to buy a Landshark Lager surfboard like they have at bars and hang it down the wall. Krissy doesn't like that idea. So, I found a really cool Conch Republic vinyl banner that is perfect for the space. That compromise only took 3 years!


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