Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jazz In The Park Opener

Well, Cathedral Square was jam packed for the Jazz In The Park opener. Krissy and I only made it for the final two songs. The band Milwaukee Soul sounded great. Earlier in the day I stopped and bought some Corona in a can. Big ones for the walk down there. Glorioso's doesn't carry the giant Red Stripe anymore. I haven't been there in ages and now I'm wondering if maybe I was the only person buying them.

Anyway, we needed a bathroom stop so we stopped into County Clare and ended up with beers and Chicken Shannon there.

The Cubs won again today with a bunch of home runs. They have the best record in baseball.

Coco had his awards ceremony today. He made Honor Roll and won a couple other awards. Certainly a pleasing way to end the 6th grade.

I remember the 6th grade. Just barely!


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