Friday, June 3, 2016

Everybody Sucks 2016

I saw the above title caption on a Presidential yard sign today. I loved it. It pretty much sums up everybody's feelings. However, some candidates suck even worse than their opponents and we all know who the child candidate is!

The Cubs won again today. They are tough to beat. The pitching staff is carrying the team most of the time. Wait until the bats heat up!

Tomorrow is the swim around Key West race. The record is a bit over 3 hours. Now that's a swim!

Today was National Donut Day. I was unaware that I was missing a National Holiday type day or  I would have hunted down a Krispy Kreme!

I picked up Coco tonight sleeping on the couch to carry him to his room. All I heard from a dead sleep was, "Dad, seriously." He's a pre-teen you know as he reminds me on a weekly basis!

We had a great dinner at Bosley's with Angela and John and a big thank you!. So nice to have you back in town even if Angelo's Piano Bar has changed a bit!


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